Quick Facts

Go through the following quick facts and you'll have a good idea about OzWebApps in less than 5 minutes. These facts will brief you who we are, what we do, what are our main concerns and what value you'll receive for your money.

Experienced - Since 1999

We have built up a collaboration with two of the most successful companies in web industry in Sri Lanka, to enhance the productivity of each and every project that we undertake. After being in the industry for 15 years, Four Corners and Creative Solutions have gained a vast amount of experience in developing web sites and mobile applications for various types of companies and organizations with a 100% success rate in each task undertaken. Therefore whatever the task OzWebApps undertake, they are always strengthened by the knowledge bank of the partners.

Dedicated Teams

Both local and partner companies comprise of friendly, highly experienced teams who share the same work goals. With highly motivated individuals making up each team, they always dedicate themselves, to ensure high quality output every single time. Is the task you seek to be done a large scale one? If so we are able to provide a dedicated team working in collaboration with your own team throughout the entire design, development and quality assurance process.

Creative Thinking

Traditionally, web development is simply about creating and hosting a web site for a particular purpose in mind. But at OzWebApps, our highly motivated and experienced team members always tend to think "out of the box" and making the entire outcome an innovative, unique one, which is sure to make your business an outstanding one in whatever the industry it belongs to.

Hight Quality

All the effort and time that we put in for our work is always directed towards the ultimate goal of our business, which is to maintain a high level of quality in the output. When it comes to high quality it's not only being error free, but also making our contribution towards the success of your business as a whole.

100% Customer Satisfaction

In the minds of each and every team member of both local and partner companies, the customer is always the 'King' and we take every measure to ensure that the output of each project becomes 100% satisfactory for our customers.

Managed Locally

Although our business is strengthened by two highly experience partners overseas, everything is managed here in Australia, when it comes to communication between all parties involved in a project and the local team will always be responsible for everything that is said and done throughout the entire process.

Value For money

We know that each and every cent spent on a business, always has to be beneficial either in monetary terms, or the company's good will. Therefore we put in all the experience and knowledge that we possess, to ensure that you gain 100% value for the money spent throughout all the phases of the project.