Affordable Web Hosting

We are offering affordable and high performance web hosting solutions from shared to dedicated server hosting through the high end servers located in Australia, Singapore and USA.

Server Types

We offer 3 major plans as shared, virtual private and dedicated server hosting plans. With all shared plans, you will receive a cPanel™ account to manage the websites. We have servers located in Australia and USA which will provide shared server hosting packages. With Virtual Private Server (VPS) packages, you'll receive either WHM/cPanel™ or Softaculous Webuzo™ control panel access to manage your server and sites. We have VPS servers located in Australia, Singapore and USA. Australian servers will provide WHM/cPanel™ combination and Singapore and USA servers will provide Softaculous Webuzo™ control panel. You have a choice to order the VPS servers with or without the control panel / management software. Dedicated server packages are only through the servers located in Australia.

Managed or Self Managed

We offer both managed and self managed packages for VPS and Dedicated server plans, so that you have the freedom to select the support level you require. However we recommend the managed servers in case you don't have technical staff with required knowledge to maintain the servers. All shared plans comes with a free backup service which will keep daily backups of your account for 14 days.

Cloud Hosting

Yes, our all VPS and Dedicated plans are in cloud and so that they are easily scalable when you require more resources.

High Performance

Since we are providing hosting packages directly from the servers located in your target area / region, your site will deliver faster to the customers and will reduce the bounce rate and will eventully invite your customers to explore more on your site.

24/7 Online Support

We offer great 24/7 support with all types of hosting plans. Our friendly staff will attend to your online support ticket within 3 hours and will resolve most of the cases within first 24 hours.

Interested? Contact Us

If you are interested about our hosting plans and services, please contact us through phone, online chat or email for fully customised quotes which suits your custom requirements.